What are the pitfalls of buying a nearly-new car?

What would be the downside of buying a six-month old car from a main dealer with only 100 miles on it? It would still be covered by the bulk of its warranty but just wondered if there would be potential pitfalls?

Asked on 29 April 2020 by briscs

Answered by Dan Powell
This is commonly known as a 'pre-registered' car in the industry. The dealer will usually register the car to boost their sales figures at the end of a month or quarter to meet their target set by the manufacturer, which earns the dealer a bonus. When you buy a pre-reg car, your name will go down as the second owner on the V5C logbook document, so any subsequent buyer will also know you were not the first registered keeper. The car will also have less warranty and MoT exemption, simply because it's already six months old. On the plus side you can save a lot of money on a pre-reg cars, with prices being up to 30 per cent less than the official list price.

For more details about pre-reg cars, see: www.honestjohn.co.uk/best-pre-reg-and-nearly-new-c...r
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