Why are there so many used cars about with low-mileage and two former owners?

I'm looking to downsize car and I'm seeing very reputable dealers advertising very low mileage on 1 or 2-year-old cars. However, they're listed with 2 former owners. What would the likely history of these be? Bearing in mind I'd be the third owner, would this impact the resale value? Would one owner be the initial dealers pre-registering the car for some reason? Thanks.

Asked on 11 May 2021 by Roarke

Answered by Andrew Brady
Yes, it's likely that the first owner will have been head office or a car dealer. Bear in mind that this last year hasn't been a normal one – it's entirely plausible that someone bought a car and has hardly used it due to Covid restrictions and has now decided to sell it. It's unlikely that a relatively new car with low miles will be hiding any major issues but consider buying a car history check to put your mind at rest. You can also learn more about pre-registered cars in our advice guide: heycar.co.uk/guides/what-is-a-pre-reg-or-nearly-ne...r

As for the residual value when you come to sell the car, it's unlikely to make a huge difference. A low-owner car is slightly more desirable and, if you try to sell it fairly quickly, it might raise eyebrows – but I doubt it'll make a big difference to the value.
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