Will there be gigantic new car discounts post coronavirus lockdown?

Sales of some models in one car manufacturer's range are down 90 per cent. France has today gone into recession. Am I naïve or realistic in thinking that all this means that once lockdown is over, new car discounts will be unprecedentedly generous? Might sellers be 'content' to even sell at a loss for a few weeks? Surely dealers will virtually be begging to shift cars presently gathering rust and dust at docksides and dealer compounds? Correct?

Asked on 8 April 2020 by David Hughes

Answered by Andrew Brady
No. Car factories have closed. Demand will be exceeding supply. Any cars sitting in dealer compounds will be attracting more potential buyers than usual. There may be savings to be had on classic cars or premium models as people can't justify spending cash on luxuries, but don't expect big savings on mainstream new cars.
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