Coronavirus means that I may need to cancel the car that I've just ordered - where do I stand?

I ordered an expensive Range Rover to my specification a few weeks ago, which the dealer advises is now ready. I paid a deposit at the time of order. Due to the Coronavirus situation and the economic impact that is having on my personal situation I may need to cancel. If I lose the deposit that's fine, but is there any chance that the dealer could force me legally to complete the purchase?

Asked on 20 March 2020 by David

Answered by Andrew Brady
First of all, speak to the dealer. If you're polite and explain the situation, they'll be more understanding. You'll have entered into a contract to buy that car. Look into the terms and conditions of the paperwork you were given when you placed your order. You'll probably lose the deposit and, technically, the dealer might be able to pursue you for losses from the cancelled order. These should be minimal, though, as the dealer should be able to sell the car to someone else.

Coronavirus: Advice on buying, running and owning a car during the outbreak
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