Drum sick

I have a Passat estate three years old. There is a drumming noise possibly from the rear of the car, mainly at speeds between 50 and 60 mph. My service mechanic does not think its a bearing, could be tyres, or alignment. Or could it just be similar to an echo through the car? I would be grateful for any suggestions you might have.

Asked on 29 May 2010 by BB, Ullenhall

Answered by Honest John
Presuming you drive with the windows closed it could be tyres. If it's worse with the load cover off and the back seats folded then it's road noise from the tyres. But could also be the flaps to the vent system. The air from inside the car vents out through vents hidden by the sides of the rear bumper. Anything interfering with them might cause ain air pressure noise.
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