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I had an accident and discovered that my licence was revoked seven years ago - what do I do?

I've been involved in an accident two days ago. When the police took my details they have found out that my driving licence was revoked seven years ago, of which I obviously didn't know. I've contacted the DVLA and I was told that indeed, it's been revoked. I didn't know that I need to report my change of address and send back my old driving licence to get a new one with the updated address, all I knew is that it will be valid till 2021. (My driving licence still had the first address I lived at when I got my British licence and I've moved two times since then).

The accident I was involved in was my fault but now the police have taken away my licence and told me that this also makes my insurance invalid. I've also got a ticket for driving without a valid driving licence.

What can do in this case?

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You are legally required to inform the DVLA each time you change your address. A revoked driver's licence means the licence has been cancelled and I imagine you'll be prosecuted for driving without a valid licence and valid insurance. Clearly this is a very serious matter. I would recommend getting legal advice from a specialist motoring solicitor.
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