I have bad hips and a bad back - what's the best car to offer me back support?

I have a small estate which was comfortable enough when I purchased it. Recently I have found my back and hips disagreeable - a medical issue. The car is not helping in the slightest. I am offered little support by the driver's seat and find that I cannot extend my legs properly. The car is an automatic. I would like to stick to automatic if I can - using a clutch in traffic will cause me a lot of bother with my hip.

I'm 6ft4 and slim. I'm looking for a used car that is as economic as possible, easy to get in and out of and supports my legs and back properly when I am driving. I am in my early thirties. I would like something which is relatively stylish. I guess I want 'my cake and eat it'. It may be that I have to compromise.

I have looked at various SUV option and keep coming back to the RX450h. Owner reviews claim that the seat support is good and the MPG is as good as it gets for a car of this size and within my price range. Given my circumstances, where should I be focusing my search? My budget is £8-12k.

Asked on 27 January 2020 by Rick Powell

Answered by Andrew Brady
An SUV sounds like the right move for you. An RX450h is a left-field choice but a very good one. It's a comfortable and reliable car that doesn't have the strong brand image of German rivals, making it surprisingly affordable. Provided it's been serviced regularly, I'd happily buy one with more than 100k on the clock. I'd question if it suits your driving, though - hybrids are at their best around town, so if you cover a lot of motorway miles consider a diesel instead. Alternatively, I'd perhaps recommend a smaller (and newer) crossover SUV. Something like a Kia Sportage ought to be comfortable but you'll get a much newer one for your money.
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