What's a good affordable car for someone with back and leg pain?

I have back, thigh and leg pain and am looking to buy a car with good leg and thigh support, as I am 6ft 4. I currently drive a Honda CRV which has leather seats, they are very uncomfortable but have virtually no lumber support. Obviously, you look on the web and there are luxury cars that would be more suitable but I only have £10k to spend and want something reliable as I use it mainly for work.

Asked on 9 August 2019 by Paul Cliff

Answered by Andrew Brady
Have a look at a Volvo XC60. They're very comfortable, in my experience, and your budget will get you a tidy 2013 model. Also take a look at a Volkswagen Tiguan - you'll get a slightly newer one for your money. If you don't need an SUV, also consider a Skoda Superb. It's worth trying a few different cars as what other people find comfortable, you may not!
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