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I'm probably being naive but why is there a huge discrepancy between What Car? Valuations, “We Buy Any Car” valuations and Dealer valuations. I have a three year old BMW Z4 2.0SE coming to the end of its PCP. Despite What Car quote a PX value of £13,805 (at 18,000 miles) they see no equity in it beyond the £12,000 guaranteed residual almost regardless of which BMW I seek to replace it with. WBAC offers £10,705. What is the point of What Car? quoting figures if they are so far from reality?

Asked on 1 May 2010 by P.P., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
I cannot answer for 'What Car?' and don’t know if you misread the figure. Glass's March Trade Book for an 07 Z4 2.0SE roadster with 36k miles is £12,000. You will find out the truth by submitting the car for auction by where it will be competitively bid for by trade and private buyers, not bid for by just one buyer. What it makes depends on who is there and who needs the car on the day, and you will pay auction commission. But scores of readers have done quite well selling cars this way, with no hassle, of course.
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