Selling my Jazz

We have just managed to buy a Hyundai iX35, which are in very short supply, and as you have stated in your review it’s a great vehicle as well as providing us with the four wheel drive capability which we need. We wanted to do a part exchange with our 08 reg, 12,500 mileage Honda Jazz 1.4 i-DSi Sport CVT-7 with auto, satnav and parking sensors but were only offered £6500. We felt that it was worth a lot more so decided to get rid of it separately.

Various Honda dealers have also offered us about £6500 despite the fact that they are selling similar vehicles for anything up to £9500. We haven’t sold a car for a long time and would ask what you think the best way of selling it would be?

Asked on 10 December 2010 by Optio

Answered by Honest John
Trade books at £7,250. There's a chance you might get more than £6,500 selling via , but only a chance. The used market is dead at the moment. Might jump start in January. it usually does. Alternatively try , but I doubt they will give you more than £6,500.
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Neatly styled. Increased room and better performance than original Jazz. better to drive. Very versatile. CVT-7 returned in February 2011 replacing i-SHIFT. More reliable than first generation Jazz.

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