Obstructive behaviour

The letter from A.S. of Berisford regarding a rolling obstruction caused by a G-Wiz on the A4074 reminded me of two very sensible laws that applied to traffic during my time with the BAOR. The first was that any slow moving Vehicle (tractor, car with caravan/trailer, or truck slugging up a long slope) on a single carriage way, was obliged to pull over and allow overtaking when the tailback exceeded five vehicles or more. The second was that any HGV was not allowed to stop closer than 100 metres of a level crossing when the red lights were active, thus allowing cars to pull in front of the HGV and get away quickly without impedance as the HGV got rolling. I supposed the ‘Department for Transport’ is far too much of a diehard reactionary organisation to consider anything as sensible as this in the 21st century.

Asked on 27 March 2010 by G.B., Leeds

Answered by Honest John
The level crossing rule is a new one on me and very sensible. But tractor drivers are anyway supposed to pull over when they get a tail of more than 5 vehicles behind them. Obviously the sandalists in their G-Wiz, using their dirty, coal fired electricity, have no conception of the real world. But my remarks about cars for short runs from cold still hold true. Far better to use an electric motor than to start an internal combustion engine.
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