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My car has been in for repair. I received a hire car, for 4 days, the duration of the repair to my car. One week after returning hire car, I received a letter and claim form saying I had returned the hire car with accident damage to the passenger door, the date of the accident being 9/12/09, (they say), the day before I returned the car. On this date I did not use the hire car. It was in my garage the whole day, unused. I left the car at the repairer’s, on its forecourt, and handed the key to the reception, on the 10/12/09, and drove off in my repaired car. No check was made of the car, either by the repairer or by the hirer, who did not have a rep there to meet me. The letter, says regardless of fault, I must pay for the repair. What is your view please? I have no knowledge of any damage to the vehicle. How can I fill in an accident claim form when I did not have an accident?

Asked on 6 March 2010 by A.N., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Write back giving the facts as you have stated them in this e-mail and stating that if they want to take it further they can sue you and you will meet them in court where you will defend yourself with the facts. They will then drop this scam like a hot potato. When any reader takes delivery of a hire car or a loaner, take photos of the vulnerable areas and particularly of any existing damage before you get into the car.
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