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My father's Motability car was stolen from the rear of his driveway. My mother started up the car to go and post a letter. She noticed that the letter was addressed wrongly and re-entered the back door of the house to get my father to rectify the mistake. Unfortunately, she left the key in the ignition. After a few minutes she went back to the driveway, a distance of approximately 25 feet, and the car had been taken. The insurers, Royal & Sun Alliance, have repudiated the claim on the basis that the car was not locked and the keys were in the ignition. Motability has therefore informed my father that they will continue to take his full Disability Living Allowance until the end of the contract in June 2011 plus an extra six months and then will bill him for the amount still owing on the car, a 2008 Ford Focus C-Max. The car has not been recovered and has been declared a write-off by the insurers. My father is therefore without any transport and facing substantial financial loss if he has to comply with this. Is it possible to have Royal & Sun Alliance re-consider the claim, as after all the car was on my father's own property and not the public highway?

Asked on 27 February 2010 by A.M., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
They will have to appeal to: It’s also worth checking if any part of their household insurance covers this. It's infuriating how much misery an opportunist thief can inflict. And all he probably got out of it was £100 of drug money.
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