What are the age restrictions for towing a trailer?

Because of my age, 72, I am restricted to towing a small trailer (gross weight 750kg). How can I upgrade my driving licence to tow a bigger trailer, say 2500kg? Also, I have a tractor - does the trailer limit apply in this case? I’m thinking of towed agricultural equipment which can weigh more than a tonne?

Asked on 11 August 2019 by DAVID WALLEY

Answered by Honest John
To drive anything 3500kg-7500kg and/or a minibus at over 70 you have to undertake a medical and an eye test. You need forms D2 and D4. You have to apply for these or get them from a post office because they include a window section for a photo. This explains: www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/applying-for-a-...t / The GP medical generally costs £150 - £200. Because of delays getting appointments and possible queries by the DVLA, the whole process can take a couple of months.
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