Is it normal insurance practice to get a claimant to go round to a third party's house to obtain a telephone number?

My daughter was an innocent party in an accident in a car park. A car reversed into her new car causing cosmetic damage. The other driver accepted liability at the scene and gave my daughter their details. My daughter informed her insurance company and was contacted by another company who handle the claims. They have refused to handle the claim until my daughter goes to the driver's house and obtains a telephone number so they can speak to the driver to confirm liability. I am amazed that they are requiring a single female to put herself in a situation that could potentially jeopardise her safety. Is this normal practice in the motor insurance industry? I would be grateful for any advise you can give.

Asked on 6 August 2019 by Stephen Walker

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, this is definitely NOT normal practice. It sounds like she is speaking to an accident management company rather than the insurer. Tell her to ring her insurer and advise she wishes to claim through them directly, and not an accident management company.
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