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Snow tyres

I noticed that you have endorsed the use of snow tyres recently. I have been Michelin Alpin, M + S rated tyres in winter since 1997 and swear by them. However, I have seen reports in the press that some insurers are trying to levy increased premiums on the grounds that fitting winter tyres is a modification! Surely this is an outrage and cannot be justified. Am I correct in not notifying British insurer when I swap my summer wheel for my winter wheels complete with M + S rated tyres?

German car users handbooks give a range of wheel and tyre sizes and types ( including M + S ) which are considered by the makers to be acceptable for each of their cars. This is because the German registration documents quote the same information.

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I campaigned against the ridiculous attitude of insurers:

And I won:

Dear HJ. Good work on winter tyres! This from the Society of Motor
Manufacturers and Traders:- The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
has today reassured motorists that they will not be affected by increased
car insurance premiums as a result of using winter tyres to improve their
vehicle’s safety during the winter months. Following discussions with the
Association of British Insurers (ABI), SMMT has clarified that the fitment
of winter tyres does not constitute a modification that will affect

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