Would switching from run flats mean a more forgiving ride?

I have a 2016 BMW X4 which has just been MOT'd, I was discussing the merits of changing my run flats for cross climates with the tester in order to have a more forgiving ride as the X4 is very fidgety on the suspension in almost every aspect of daily driving. He feels that it would not make any difference which surprised me somewhat. What is your view on changing the tyres for a softer ride, if not cross climates then what other tyres would offer a more compliant ride?

Asked on 24 June 2019 by Clive Deer

Answered by Honest John
It depends on the wheel and tyre size fitted to the X4. The smaller the wheels and the deeper the profile the tyres the more effective Cross Climates can be. They are only available as ZPs (Zero Pressure = runflats) in a few sizes. Try Motokiki.com (bit.ly/2EF0U04) and Blackcircles.com (bit.ly/2JM6bqG) for sizes and prices and read our Tyre Buying Guide (bit.ly/2wsFHBU).
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