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Is the Ford Powershift automatic gearbox reliable?

I've got about £8k to spend on a big auto estate - so naturally the Ford Mondeo is an option. However, I've heard bad things about Ford's double clutch Powershift gearbox - tales of it failing at low mileages and needing existing repairs. In your view am I taking back risk buying a car with this box?

Asked on 1 March 2019 by Adam Crowe

Answered by Honest John
The six-speed wet clutch Powershift in a Mondeo can be okay as long as the fluid and filter are changed every three years or every 38,000 miles. But most owners refuse to go to that expense (£200 +) and that's why the wet clutch Powershifts fail and gain a bad reputation. Dry clutch Powershifts (in Fiesta, etc) do not require a fluid change, but the dry clutch packs in them fail anyway and they deserve their poor reputation. Ford has now ditched Powershifts in favour of six-speed and eight-speed torque converter autos in everything.
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