Our car was hit from behind and the third party insurer has offered to pay for all the damage if we use their repairers - is there a catch?

My daughter's car was involved in a double rear-end shunt at low speed but it caused some light damage to two panels. We contacted our insurance company and shared dashcam footage which clearly shows two bumps from the initial impact and then the car hitting the first car that hit us. Our insurance company has said we will need to pay out on our excess while they claim back from the other two drivers after establishing liability. That's okay but we have now received an offer from Aviva representing the third driver advising they will pay for all damage and hire car costs if we go through their repairers.

Aviva advised we can let our insurance company know they are settling the claim and to treat our claim now as "information only". The advantage, Aviva tell us, is that this will mean we are not paying out on excess and repaired by a reputable body shop. I know our insurance company will review our premium in light there has been an accident, even though we are not at fault and if we went down this route we didn't claim. My concern is Aviva are acting in the interests of their driver rather than ours and may cause issues down the line. It all sounds too good. Is there a catch somewhere I am not seeing?

Asked on 6 February 2019 by Trilly

Answered by Honest John
You do not have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service when dealing with the at-fault insurer directly. Should there be any issues, you are compromised. Go through your own insurer, advise that Aviva has contacted you directly offering to arrange repairs, as such liability is clearly not in dispute, No excess should be deducted as a result, your insurer should waive it. Stick with your own insurer.
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