Why can't I insure a van and a car on a joint policy?

I was offered cheaper insurance if I insured two cars with Admiral. I told them I had a Citroen C3 and a Mitsubishi L200. They told me that L200 is a van so doesn't qualify. The fact that it’s a private vehicle not used for business made no difference I was told. This made me wonder if I’d had a Mitsubishi Shogun instead, or a similar 4WD, would I have qualified for the cheaper insurance?

Asked on 3 December 2018 by DAVID WALLEY

Answered by Tim Kelly
This is because the L200 is a commercial vehicle. A Shogun or similar four wheel drive isn't, though it does get complicated with Land Rover Defenders. To be honest you have dodged a bullet, If you have an incident then both vehicle are affected as the loss of no claims is on both vehicles. Best to keep them separate.
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