Do garages that help with insurance claims have to be authorised by the FCA?

What is the law if a garage that has assisted me in the administration and performance of my contract of insurance is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to undertake Claims Handling?

Asked on 2 November 2018 by Charles Wessex

Answered by Tim Kelly
As the garage is not carrying out this activity as a primary part of their activity, they do not need to be regulated. I have had this confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority. The section that is relevant is PERG 5.7 in the FCA handbook. You also have to be involved in the sale of this contract of insurance, i.e. the broker or the insurer.

The FCA is due to start regulating claims management companies. I sought clarity from the FCA whether all aspects of the FCA handbooks apply. They have advised not so there will specific regulations to cover claims management.
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