What can we do to get rid of abandoned cars in our community car park?

We have, at the last count, eight cars from one gentleman taking up the whole community public car park. One car has been abandoned there for nine years and the others vary from seven months to the latest one around two weeks. I believe he is working from his garage at times and most of the vehicles are not roadworthy. One is a van which has been broken into. What can we do?

Asked on 20 October 2018 by steven underwood

Answered by Honest John
If the cars are not on SORN and are not taxed then they can be clamped then taken away and scrapped by the DVLA. It does not matter whether the land is privately community owned or is public land. See: www.gov.uk/report-untaxed-vehicle/ If cars are not on SORN then they must be taxed and continuously insured (though they may be insured under the garage's trade policy that does not have to list them all). Non insurance is a more serious offence than non taxed, but the police will not act on that unless the car is seen being used on public roads.
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