I've reported an abandoned car to the DVLA - but it's still not been removed?

A car has been parked at the side of my house (no pavement) for months. The tyres are slowly deflating and it is filled with junk. I checked the number plate and it is SORN but is on the public highway. I had to get professionals in to cut my boundary hedge because I could not get round it. I have reported it to the DVLA three times without response. There are plenty of other cars around here are being clamped and towed away. What am I doing wrong?

Asked on 13 August 2018 by diddy11cg

Answered by Honest John
If other similarly offending cars are being clamped and hauled away for scrap then demand to know why this one hasn't been. Are you sure the land it is on is not the public highway? Might be your land.
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