My son has a Canadian driving licence - can he be insured on our UK car?

My son, aged 39, has had a full UK driving licence since he was 17. He is a named driver on my wife's car as he travels extensively with work and is only back in the UK for four to six weeks a year. He is now working in Canada and as part of the process for temporary residency had to surrender his UK licence for a Canadian one. They wouldn't let him have two licences. He is coming home for Christmas and has only had the Canadian licence for a couple of months. What do I do about the car insurance? My renewal is due next month and I would like to keep him as a named driver.

Asked on 9 October 2018 by BJP

Answered by Tim Kelly
Use, based on this, there should be no issue in your son driving on the Canadian licence, the issue arise in that the UK insurer may not provide cover as not a UK licence. You will need to contact your insurer to see whether they will or will not provide cover for you Son. You then know whether to take him off or not.
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