Is a Cat C write off safe to buy?

I have found a lovely little car with two owners from new but it's a Cat C. Is it safe to buy? The MoT history is impeccable and it has lots of receipts.

Asked on 20 September 2018 by Lanny

Answered by Tim Kelly
As a Cat C, it must have been total lossed more than a year ago before the new salvage codes were introduced. Cat C means the repair cost exceeded its market value at that point in time. If you can find out when it was a total loss, you can get an idea of its value at that time, You will know that the repair cost were more than that value and get an indication of how badly damaged it was. It may have been all cosmetic. Was the car a total loss with its current or previous owner? Do they have any evidence of the damage and repairs carried out? If in doubt, get the vehicle inspected by an Independent Engineer, contact
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