I bought a nearly new car that turned out to be damaged - can I demand my money back?

I bought a used car with only 87 miles on the clock. The vehicle was initially sold to a taxi driver who after buying the car found out Uber would not accept that type of car as a taxi. The car was sold back to the dealership from where he bought it. They sold the vehicle onto me for £1000 cheaper but, on the second day of my ownership I noticed the front right hand wing was out of shape. The dealership states the car has never been repaired or involved in an accident. I took the vehicle to a bodyshop and they confirmed the vehicle had been repaired recently and that the white paintwork didn't exactly match up between the front right wing and the rest of the car. Can I demand my money and trade in car back?

Asked on 10 September 2018 by sidney mead

Answered by Honest John
In law you definitely can because this is covered by the 2008 Consumer Protection Tegulations that made "misleading omissions' and actionable offence: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/consumer-rights/ Of course, what's law and what you are up against are two different things. If the dealer wants to defend his reputation you have no problem. if he doesn't, you do.
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