My car has been seized by the police - what do I do about insurance?

My car was impounded by the police because it is suspected of being in a crime (not by me) and I won’t be getting it back until they have have finished the investigation. I am buying a cheap runaround to use until I get it back. Do I transfer my insurance to my little runaround car? If I do that that will mean the impounded car won’t be insured or can I drive my runaround using the other cars insurance as I’m insured to drive other cars?

Asked on 6 August 2018 by Michelle Richardson

Answered by Honest John
The police have a duty of care to your vehicle as a "bailee" of your property (look up the law of bailment). You cannot use your current insurance on the "extension to drive other vehicles" as you are only covered to drive other vehicles not owned by you. I would transfer the insurance from your old insurance to your new one.
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