My car has been written off - how do I buy it back from the insurer?

My car has been classed as a Category N write off by the third party insurance company and an offer has been made by them to pay me the market value of the car less salvage. My question is, by accepting the offer from the insurance company am I, in effect, selling the car to the insurer and how do I buy it back to become the legal owner again?

Asked on 21 May 2018 by Mike Sweeney

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly be careful. Dealing with the third party directly puts you in a situation of risk, it is a conflict of interest in them negotiating your claim, as they are their own paymaster. As such they will do as much as possible to reduce your claim.
Secondly, control your asset, do not lose control of it. If you do not have it at the moment, get it back. Thirdly, is your car a total loss? Is the repair cost more than the market value? Ask them to provide you with a full copy, not a summary copy of their Audatex assessment or their independent engineers report.

If the cost of repair is less, your car is not a total loss, do not listen to anything anyone else may tell you. If this is the case, request the full cost of repair inclusive of vat from them. Has your car been valued correctly? Value your car yourself, and see if they are being fair. If the repair cost are more than the market value, your car is a total loss. As such, if you accept their offer, you are selling the vehicle to them. You never buy the car back, it is your car already, all they do is deduct a sum of money for the value the salvage has. If they do not play ball, Go through an independent company who will have your interest at heart.
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