An Uber driver hit my car and won't pay for repairs or give me his insurance details - what should I do?

A month ago an Uber driver hit my parked car and drove off without leaving his details. However, his passenger got his reg number and gave it to me. I contacted Uber and they contacted the driver, who admitted liability and agreed for them to pass his name and number to me. He said he'd like to deal with it privately. so I got a quote for repairs and he agreed to pay it within a month. I agreed to this as it was quite a lot of money. A month on and he hasn’t paid and is refusing to give his insurance details. I didn’t want to immediately report him to the police because he said he would pay, but he's making no attempt to rectify his mistake. How do you think I am best to move forward with this issue? I have text message conversations as proof that he admitted liability and said he would pay, but now doesn’t want to. He is saying that he wants to take my car to a garage of his choice (for a cheaper quote I guess). I'm refusing as I think it’s my call who I go to and am unwilling to meet with a stranger to take charge of my car. Am I still able to pursue police/insurance a month on?

Asked on 21 May 2018 by suzy gill

Answered by Tim Kelly
Report it to the police and ignore any offers being made by the taxi driver. I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt considering he hit your car and didn't leave his details. I suggest using your insurer or an accident management company to pursue the issue for you.
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