My nine year old son cycled into a car - who's insurance do we claim off?

Earlier today, my nine year old son crashed his bike into a car, which was waiting at a junction. He scratched the cars offside wing and bonnet. This will obviously need to be repaired. However, I do not know/confirm who was at fault and have taken the car driver's word that my son crashed into his car. How would I claim under my insurance in a situation like this? The car driver is insured by Direct Line, who advertise they cover accidental damage. Would this be classed as that and, therefore, covered under his insurance policy? I want to make good on the damage my son has caused but simply do not have the money that would be required for a repair of this type.

Asked on 14 May 2018 by cruzcontrol

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact your home insurer if you have any, as they may well cover this as part of your policy. If the vehicle was waiting at the junction and your son hit the offside, has the driver pulled into your son's path? It wouldn't be covered under the driver's policy as accidental damage, as it wasn't. It was either his fault or your son's negligence. It means his policy would have either a fault or non fault claim marked against it. If it was your son's fault, your home insurer is your best bet.
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