Top 10: Everyday future classics

It’s an old debate – what cars on today’s roads will become a classic car in the future? It’s easy to think of certain Ferrari and Porsche mdoels that will undoubtedly become real classics in a few years’ time, but what about those cars most people can afford to buy? Cars for the everyday driver that are much more affordable than the exotics and will still be cool long after their heyday.

Here are the cars currently on sale that we reckon may become future classics...


Volkswagen Up

The funky and stylish Up is a great looking small hatch which is fun to drive, cheap to run and surprisingly spacious given its compact dimensions. Priced from less than £9000 for the basic model, it’s affordable and with a wide range of colours and alloy wheels there's plenty of scope to really personalise it.

The 60PS 1.0-litre is fine around town, but the 74PS version is more responsive and better on the open road. But whichever engine is fitted, we think this will still look great in 30 years’ time.

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List Price from £16,390
Buy new from £14,695

Mazda MX-5

With a new MX-5 due this summer, Mazda is offering some very generous discounts on the current car. Perfect, if you have a modest budget and want simple driving thrills, impeccable reliability and timeless styling.

With the option of a 1.8-litre - only with the soft top - and 2.0-litre petrol engines, the third-generation hasn’t lost the charm of the original. The fact it’s the world's most popular roadster should surely stand it in good stead as a future classic.

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List Price from £30,555
Buy new from £28,395

Fiat 500

With its retro Italian looks, the Fiat 500 is one very cute and desirable small car. Even better it undercuts many of its rivals on price and holds its value well.

There is a wide range of engines to choose from, but the entry-level 1.2 Pop has enough power to satisfy most. But the 500 is all about the look and with a huge range of colours, wheels, interior designs and body decals to choose from, you can make your 500 your own. We think its retro looks will still be trendy in years to come. 

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List Price from £14,835
Buy new from £11,302

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The current A-Class is a revolution in Mercedes-Benz history. A stunning hatchback to challenge the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series, it’s all about big-car refinement in a small-car package. 

Available with a range of diesel and petrol engines and boasting suspension engineered by AMG, it looks superb and resale values are already strong. On the basis that it broke new ground for Mercedes the A-Class could stand a good chance of being regarded as a classic.

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List Price from £51,235
Buy new from £46,521

Honda Civic

The engineering-led innovator Honda has been making the Civic for four decades and with more than 20 million sold worldwide, it’s a successful model for the brand.

The latest generation falls short of the iconic design of the 2006 Civic but retains the now familiar style. It also has strong engines, particularly the 1.6 i-DTEC along with a hugely practical interior. It’s an outstanding all-rounder and could well be a future classic.

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Ford Mondeo

With its bigger models like the Sierra and Granada becoming classics, the Ford Mondeo is surely destined to stand the test of time and gain similar cult status.

For a large car it handles well, plus it's quiet and comfortable. This model is on the cusp of being replaced by an all-new version but we think it's the outgoing model which will become a future classic.

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List Price from £25,565
Buy new from £23,395

Citroen DS3

After years of playing it safe design-wise, Citroen finally re-discovered its mojo with the DS3. A homage to the original DS, the DS3 is distinctive, luxurious and good to drive.

A future classic in the making, it’s been a strong seller since it was launched in 2010. And it’s not all fashion and fun, with a range of pleasingly efficient diesel and petrol engines. Five years on, the DS3 still stands out among your everyday hatchback.

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MINI hatchback

While the latest car is bigger than ever, there’s still no doubting that it’s a MINI and exudes plenty of charm. Boasting a range of all-new turbocharged engines, bolder interior styling and extra rear legroom, the latest MINI hatch is more practical and grown up.

Built on a new platform, which will be used by several BMW models, the final result doesn’t disappoint. One of the most stylish, fun and economical cars on the road today and no doubt long into the future too.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo

The Alfa Romeo line-up may be diminishing at the moment, but the stylish MiTo remains a popular seller. The line-up includes two diesel and three petrol engines including the 170PS 1.4 MultiAir in the sporty Quadrifoglio Verde model.

It offers dollops of Italian style, a sporty driving experience and although the MiTo may not hold its value as convincingly as a MINI, it's far better kitted out for the money. One of those heart-over-head cars, will it still pull on the heart strings of car lovers in 30 years?

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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

The first front-wheel-drive BMW, the 2 Series Active Tourer marks a huge change for the German brand. If you want a high quality, five-seater family car, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is a good contender.

Sacrificing space over driving dynamics, it’s not as fun as other models in the BMW range but it is a step-up from Ford and Volkswagen in terms of quality. The 218d is economical, refined and powerful but it's the fact that this is BMW’s first entry into front-wheel drive and mini-MPV territory that could make the 2 Series Active Tourer a future classic.

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