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Honda Civic (2012 – 2017) At A Glance

Good ride comfort. High quality feel. Huge loadspace and versatile rear seats. Excellent 1.6 i-DTEC diesel averages a claimed 78.5mpg. All engines chain cam.

Not as much a drivers car as previous Civic.

Insurance Groups are between 5–20
On average it achieves 84% of the official MPG figure

The 2006 Honda Civic still marks a real revolution in design. In terms of styling - both inside and out - it is unlike anything else on the road and a huge departure from its dull predecessor.

Replacing it was never going to be an easy task for Honda so for this - the ninth generation of the Civic - it's a case of tweaking an already successful formula and addressing the shortcomings of the outgoing car.

So like before it's still a spacious, well built and practical hatchback. It retains the now familiar Civic style too, although in our opinion it's a little fussy and not as neat as the model it replaces. What has improved is quality - the interior now feels more upmarket but is still as well built as before. And as it's a Honda you can expect bomb proof reliability too.

According to Honda there were four main complaints about the old model - the polarising design, compromised rear visibility, ride comfort and interior quality. It's these key areas that it has aimed to improve and overall it has been successful.

There's still a question mark over the rear window design but the ride comfort is mightily impressive. Sadly it does seem to have come at the expense of handling and this Civic isn't as enjoyable to drive as the old one.

On the plus side it is cheaper to run. All the engines are more efficient with the impressive 1.6 i-DTEC the pick of the bunch. It's quiet, responsive yet averages a claimed 78.5mpg and emits less than 100g/km of CO2.

Honda also has some of the best dealers around along with a well earned reputation for reliability. In 2011 the brand topped a survey by Warranty Direct to find the UK's most reliable manufacturer - for the sixth year in a row. The brand was also rated second in the JD Power survey in 2009, 2010 and 2011, behind only Lexus.

Looking for a Honda Civic (2012 - 2017)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a Honda Civic (2012 – 2017)

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Can you recommend a used car for towing a small caravan?
We're buying a small Caravan (about 900kg) and would like to upgrade our 2007 Honda Civic 1.4 automatic. We have a budget of £5000. We'd like to balance a strong enough engine with reasonable fuel economy and servicing costs. We're not wedded to any particular body shape but ideally would not have a huge car to drive around when not towing. My wife prefers automatics. Are you able to offer any advice please? Thank you!
Generally, it's advised that you shouldn't tow more than 85 per cent of the car's kerb weight. That means you'll need a car with a kerb weight of at least 1060kg (and a towing capacity of 900kg or more). Most cars the size of your Civic should be able to tow a caravan the size of yours. A diesel makes a lot of sense for towing (thanks to the low-down torque on offer), but these aren't suited to lots of short day-to-day journeys. We'd recommend a Kia Ceed, Vauxhall Astra or another Honda Civic.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Which is better, the Honda Civic or HR-V?
I'm thinking of buying a 2016 Honda soon - either the Civic or HR-V. I have it down to the 1.6 diesel in each model. Currently it is just myself and partner but we're looking to start a family. Is the Civic a good family car? I'm not an old man but I'm not a boy racer by any means, which is why I'm drawn to the looks of the Civic. However, is the HR-V more practical? I don't want to struggle overtaking on a motorway.
The Honda Civic is a very good car. The 1.6 diesel will return around 60mpg and I consider it to be a solid, dependable car with a very good reputation for reliability. Boot sizes are broadly the same, between the Civic hatch and the HR-V. But the latter will be easier to live with due to the increase in ride height (which means you will not have to bend down to lift your child in/out).
Answered by Dan Powell
Could you recommend a ULEZ-compliant car that's good for taking long trips?
My wife and I are looking for a car that would mainly be used to travel to Europe up to four times a year (France and Czech Republic). Our budget is £6000 and we live in London. It would ideally be ULEZ compliant if it helps with the resale value in a years' time or so. Which model and maybe year would you recommend?
It's a tricky one as it sounds like a diesel would be ideal for that journey, yet an older diesel could be problematic and won't be ULEZ compliant. With that in mind, we'd probably be looking for a comfortable petrol car. A Honda Civic could be a good option. Your budget will get a 2012 model with the reliable 1.8-litre petrol engine. If you need more space, consider a Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. Neither will be particularly frugal but ought to be reliable.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Could you recommend a ULEZ compliant car?
We need a ULEZ-compliant car that's comfortable for longer journeys on the motorway. Our budget is £8000. We had been looking at a Ford Focus Ecoboost but now fear these engines are not suited to travelling longer distances. We are open to all suggestions.
If you use your car for lots long journeys then a Euro6 diesel will probably suit your needs best. It will be exempt from the ULEZ charge and provide low fuel costs. Given your budget, I'd recommend the Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC diesel: If you only use your car for lots of short trips (and only the occasional long journey) then a petrol will be better. I'd go with the Mazda 3 Skyactiv 2.0 petrol:
Answered by Dan Powell

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