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  • 2004 Mondeo DMF problem 7 Dec 2011 (Ask HJ)
    The garage has advised that the DMF is faulty and needs replacing, both of us thought that only diesels had the DMF fitted. Is this something that normally...
  • Has my car got a DMF/ DPF? 21 Mar 2012 (Ask HJ)
    Ford Focus 09 1.8TDCi hatchback. Has this model got a DMF?
  • Does a Panda have DMF/ DPF? 5 Sep 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I'm thinking of buying a Fiat Panda 1.3 multijet. Do they have either a DMF or DPF?
  • I need an auto without a dual mass flywheel 13 Feb 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I am looking to purchase a nearly new automatic family car to last several years but would like to avoid anything with a DMF. What automatics are fitted...
  • Timing belt linked to failed DMF? 31 May 2013 (Ask HJ)
    A garage put my timing belt on the wrong way round away ]back in November 2012 now my DMF has gone, could this be linked?
  • Buying an MPV with sliding doors without DPF and DMF worries. 16 Jan 2013 (Ask HJ)
    Are there any other vehicles similar to my Caddy,(smaller considered) that may fit the bill.
  • A diesel car for £7000 19 Jan 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I currently have a 2003 Mondeo 115 TDCI. It's done 197,000 miles. The DMF went at 90,000 and is starting to fail again. I'm concerned about buying...
  • DMF problems with Ford Mondeo - where should I take it to get fixed? 16 Sep 2013 (Ask HJ)
    I own a 2005 Ford Mondeo that's covered 147,000 miles. The car has started to make a rattling noises from the engine. I’ve spoken to a mechanic and he...
  • Does my car have a DMF and will it need replacing? 11 Aug 2016 (Ask HJ)
    I previously owned a BMW 530d manual whose Dual Mass Flywheel failed at around 90,000 miles. My current 530d has the (excellent) 8-speed auto box - does...
  • Dual mass flywheel failure on a Vauxhall Insignia 20 Jan 2011 (Ask HJ)
    How can I tell if the DMF burnt out the clutch or if the clutch destroyed the DMF? I am being accused of driver error and therefore responsible, but...
  • How has my DMF lasted so long? 30 Nov 2011 (Ask HJ)
    You write often about how DMFs don't last, and are expensive to replace. My Alhambra has now done 127,000 miles with (so far) no clutch or DMF problems. Is...
  • Can I replace my DMF with a solid flywheel? 12 Jul 2017 (Ask HJ)
    I've got a 2008 Volkswagen Golf which requires a new clutch and dual mass flywheel. I've been told it's a lot cheaper to replace it with a solid flywheel....
  • Are DMFs a problem across the board? 9 Mar 2013 (Ask HJ)
    Are DMF's a weak point across the board, or are some manufacturers/models better than others? If so, which are the better ones?
  • Which modern manual diesel MPV doesn't have a DPF or DMF? 1 Jul 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I have not once had a diesel engine related problem despite having diesels since 1985. In an attempt to preserve this record, the replacement for my 2007...
  • Can I get a diesel MPV without a DPF or DMF? 1 Jul 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I have not once had a diesel engine-related problem despite being a diesel driver since 1985. In an attempt to preserve this record, I want to replace...
  • DMF replacement rip-off 17 Aug 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I think readers should be aware of what I consider to be a very questionable practice by my local Vauxhall dealer. I received a quote of £1310 to replace...
  • Vans without a DMF? 5 Aug 2011 (Ask HJ)
    Who makes a van without a dual mass flywheel that will pass the new TFL low emissions charge?
  • Used Japanese models and DMFs/DPFs 8 Mar 2012 (Ask HJ)
    I am contemplating swapping my trusty 04 plate Honda Accord Tourer 2.0EX petrol for either a 58 or 09 plate Accord Tourer diesel or Mazda 6 Estate diesel....
  • DMFs and automatics 24 Apr 2011 (Ask HJ)
    I have read on this site about the 406 110bhp having a dual mass flywheel and how many problems they can cause when they fail. Can you confirm weather...
  • DMF failure - which cars don't have this problem? 20 Jun 2013 (Ask HJ)
    Have just suffered catastrophic DMF failure on my 40k 2.0 TDi. It is being repaired under warranty but I want to own something which doesn't have this...

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