Top 10: Cars coming in 2019

The tidal wave of new cars hitting the market is showing no sign of slowing down. From desirable crossovers to exciting new electric cars, we've picked 10 that we're looking forward to the most.

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Honda Urban EV

On sale: late 2019

Honda’s first mass-produced electric vehicle in Europe will go on sale in 2019 - and what an electric vehicle it will be. Based on the Urban EV concept, the new electric car will be smaller than the Jazz and is likely to have a range of more than 200 miles.

Expect it to look a lot like the concept, only with five doors and slightly curvier styling. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but Honda’s hinted that it won’t be cheap.

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Heinzmanfred    on 3 January 2019

I am unconvinced electric cars are the way forward - even with Govt. and Green Lobby support, ceetainly not after the Diesel Drama when we were all encouraged to go Diesel - for me an electric car is the equivallent of the old - fashioned " Milk Float " - great for short distances and local shopping/ school run etc...forget Motorway driving .....imagine being in the depth of winter in a motorway queue with maximum in-car heating and crawling along in ice and snow with your electric car limited to 130 miles of power - no thankyou.....electric cars ....not for a second car...perhaps...
signed Henry Carlton

Don1988    on 3 January 2019

I thought a new Golf was coming out in 2019 - obviously no longer of much importance.

Deadwoodward    on 3 January 2019

How do you charge it overnight if you do not have a garage or private driveway?
Many people live in flats, and terraced houses, and parking zones where people from
two streets away can legally park outside your house overnight.

captpete    on 3 January 2019

Yes I agree electric is medieval it seems
Go hydrogen, you burn hydrogen you get water
The only problem is the tunnel, both times I took my Volvo 240 GLT to France they checked for gas tanks
Which of course I did not have but the camper van was ok with propane bottles
Eurotunnel need to change their rules but I have not used the tunnel for many years so might be different now.
Why drive all the way to Kent when you can cross from Poole or Portsmouth
It was fun though to go under de sea
Hay how

Ron Burgundy    on 3 January 2019

Henry Carlton. Thanks for trotting out the same tired old arguments. Have a look at Bjorn Nyland's YouTube channel to see what can be achieved even in winter with decent charging infrastructure, We will get there in the UK eventually so your fears will be assuaged. I hope you're young enough to be able to take advantage of all the new EVs coming in the next few years.

aethelwulf    on 4 January 2019

And until there is a decent charging structure? Buy petrol of course.

Lawlessbreed    on 3 January 2019

An extra 40mm of length compared etc.,etc.,
How does that make it a very practical car?

NickNike    on 4 January 2019

Electric drive technology needs a major technology step change before it becomes viable. What is the point of spending double the money on half the performance. The good old IC engine has and is serving us well, yet the politicians give it bad press. Maybe the world will become a sensible place again one day.

Keith Ware    on 4 January 2019

When batteries are able to charged in 10 minutes for 300 mile and you can go to an electric station to fill up you won't need to charge at home as it will be similar to what you do with your ICE.

Tony McStea    on 5 January 2019

Spot on. While lithium may be much superior to previous battery technologies (and is doing wonders for Bolivia's economy), we desperately need a new storage technology, and not only for cars. We need to be able to store electricity the way we store petrol and water, so that we can save what is generated by wind and solar power, rather than using them for satisfying instant demand. We also need better solar cells - the Sun puts out enough energy every few seconds to power the entire planet for a century, and we need to be able to get and store more of it.

In short, we need a whole new energy infrastructure, and while a march of a thousand miles may indeed begin with the first step, for the planet's sake, we need to start jogging. Imagine what could be accomplished if we'd stop thinking of ingenious new ways of destroying each other and put the R&D effort into energy generation infrastructure.

Edited by Tony McStea on 05/01/2019 at 11:46

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