Geneva Motor Show 2018: Honda’s Urban EV confirmed for production

Published 06 March 2018

Honda has confirmed production for its retro, all-electric Urban EV city car. The new model go on sale in early 2019 and be Honda’s first mass-produced electric car in the UK.

The three-door Urban EV is 100mm shorter than a Honda Jazz, which puts it firmly in city car territory with the Volkswagen e-Up, In typical concept car style, there are tiny door mirrors and huge wheels, but much of the styling should make it to the production car.

Inside the design is very minimalist, with no centre stack or centre console. Instead there’s a sofa style bench seat and a huge, wide screen that stretches almost the full width of the dashboard. Again, this isn’t likely to make production – but since it’s an EV with few moving parts, the production car should be airy and spacious.

There are no details about the battery system and range, nor about power or performance. Instead, Honda says there will be a lightweight, high-density battery pack. That said, going by the current speed of progress it should have a range of beyond 200 miles between charges. 



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