Toyota Aygo (2005 - 2014)

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1.0 VVT-i 3dr Hatchback Fire

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Very cheap to run, very basic though.

I down graded from my 2003 Honda civic to a brand new aygo for 1 reason only.... To save money and in that aspect its done it very well, however it is very basic and if you like your creature comforts like me it can be a step to far.

Good points

* a genuine 65mpg plus on motorways and 58mpg around town.
* Fun to drive around town
* the 1litre 3 cylinder engine is quite peppy and not as gutless as you would think.
* takes 4 adults in reasonable comfort
* mega cheap to insure, no road tax and dirt cheap servicing and parts.
* the engine is only doing 3k rpm @ 70mph which is very good for such a small engine.
* a very good amount of cubby holes

Bad points

* within 3 weeks my little agyo had developed a intermittent starting fault which made me at the time lose all confidence in Toyota and my brand new car, the dealership were very good with free courtesy car and the fault was resolved - they reset the ECU.

* some really stupid design features seen as its a Japanese car - rain water cascades into the boot when opening it and runs off the roof straight into the boot whilst the boot is open, its not a fault with just my car and is a major design fault and highly annoying seen as it rains most of the time in glourious England also the same happens when the doors are opened with water pouring onto the seats this is again a design fault.

* No space to rest your left foot when not using the clutch which makes it highly uncomfortable for long journey's

* no where to rest your arm when holding the steering wheel, this again is annoying on motorway journey's- the door trims in most cars allow you to rest your forearm.

* no passanger window control on the drivers side, this means you have to lean over to use the switch for the passengers window which can be dangerous when on the move.

* hard plastic interior and comes with no glove box as standard !

* although seats are comfortable they completely lack any bolsters so you are thrown around quite abit.

* no boot light ! This is one feature that should be a absolute must, also the courtasy light does not come on when you remote unlock the car again just a little annoying thing.

In short if you after the cheapest car to run and don't mind the basic features then the aygo is a good little city car, however if your after your creature comforts or a family car then you should look else where.

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Road TaxA–B
MPG61.4–68.9 mpg
Real MPG86.2%

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