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SsangYong Tivoli (2015 on)

reviewed by Anonymous on 11 June 2019
reviewed by Anonymous on 30 September 2018
reviewed by uhtred on 26 September 2018
reviewed by Anonymous on 12 April 2018

1.6 D ELX 4x4 5dr Hatchback auto

reviewed by John Paul on 22 October 2017
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Poor quality control

I have owned this car for 12 months. In that time it has developed the following faults, all dealt with under warranty: Re balanced prop shaft (vibration at 60 mph), broken / jamming exterior door handles, media unit resetting over night - loosing memory, defective crankshaft sensor, oil leak from 4x4 power take off, ECU faults triggering limp home mode, electrical interference effecting throttle requiring part dismantling of dashboard and bulkhead to re wire and re route throttle loom.
The car has covered just 8500 miles.
The design is very good and well though out with nice touches here and there as is the build quality - no rattles or squeaks, paint is very good. BUT quality control or development is not up to European standards.
Other areas worth mentioning are tyres, avoid low profiles. They are very noisy and give a harsh ride, I have them on this car but the loan cars I have been given with standard tyres offer a superior ride. Avoid supermarket diesel, the car runs better on premium diesel and the DPF doesn't regenerate as frequently.
Sat Nav, bluetooth phone unit is good and offers HDMI for phone mirror link. Easy to update with free map updates and is easy to use. Mine however intermittently looses the settings over night - maybe a wiring fault.
Climate system is dual zone and very good with four memory settings. The fan is very noisy on anything above low.
Auto box is notchy when cold but is very smooth once warmed up.
Dealership is very good and spares have been available quickly, even the PTU for the gearbox. Ssangyong UK are easy to contact and were receptive to the problems with the car initially.
Avoid GMAC finance, there partnered finance company. I had a small HP loan with them to buy this car. GMAC refused to get involved despite the faults with the car.
In summary - this could be a very good car for the money if quality control were better. In my case too many faults, I wouldn't buy another Ssangyong

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reviewed by Renegade Master on 16 March 2017
reviewed by Teejaybee on 23 August 2015

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Road TaxC–H
MPG39.2–65.7 mpg
Real MPG75.5%

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