SEAT Exeo (2009 - 2013)

reviewed by StarskyQC on 27 June 2013

SE Lux 2.0 TDI CR 4dr Saloon

reviewed by Bycro on 24 March 2013
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Competent Road Train

My Exeo has covered 84,000 miles in less than three years. It lives mainly on the motorway, and the engine seems to become more refined with each mile I add to the odometer. It really is a silky smooth, quiet engine under the bonnet. Much more so than the three Passats that I was caretaker too before. It also uses less oil than they did. They were also diesels.

The quality of the cabin speaks for itself, and even with the miles I have covered the interior still looks new and the seats show no sign of wear. They are very firm which suits me, but may not be to everyone's taste.

Wind noise is minimal even at motorway speed, and the six speed box provides a long legged cruise, leaving you with very little driver fatigue even after driving for a couple of hours.

It can be economical, but that depends how it is driven. Recently on a trip from Birmingham to Dartford and back it achieved an average of 62 MPG but it was driven very frugally.

The steering gives adequate feel to the road without being to light, and handling seems responsive enough for everyday needs.

Even when driven hard the engine still seems quiet and smooth and doesn't cause embarrassment by bellowing out clouds of black soot that past diesel cars that I have been caretaker to seemed to do, and these have all been new cars.

Average MPG on the motorway is between 50 - 55. Urban 30 - 40.

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Road TaxC–G
MPG40.9–62.8 mpg
Real MPG87.2%

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