Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet (2003 - 2009)

reviewed by pet1 on 1 August 2014
reviewed by jacb on 25 June 2011

Privilege 1.9 dCi 120 Open Car

reviewed by Mikeya85 on 14 February 2011
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Quite close to perfect in my eyes...

The Megane CC is the car that i've always wanted for 7 years so i am now happy to say i own a 1.9Dci privilege model in Gold Metallic and Beige leather.

The pros to this car are:

1. The engine is hushed for a diesel, even with the roof down, and there is 221lbs of torque which provides a good injection of pace.

2. The electric roof mechanism is very fast and easy to use, it really is a bonus on a hot summers day as the wind doesn't tend to be a nuisance.

3. The equipment level on the privilege means, 5 spoke alloys, half leather seats (my model has full leather) 6 disc dash mounted cd changer, climate control with quickclear front screen along with 4 electric windows.

4. The car has returned 50mpg on a 300 mile round trip on single combined cycle but usually averages mid 40s which means 600 miles a tank.

5. The boot is massive when the roof is up, which makes it a good cricket car and its still a decent size when the roof is down.

Cons are:

1. The reliabilty can be patchy, the rear left window stayed in the down position and this is a problem known by Renault.

2. The gear box is a bit notchy and it isn't as good as say a Ford Focus gear box.

3. The car can sometimes return late 30s on an urban cycle instead of early 40s.

4. The rear space is not great, as i can only fit 3 adults, including myself comfortably in the car.

5. There is the occasional leak unfortunately through the right back window and now the left,so making sure that i park it nose down when it rains. I keep a towel in the car just in case. The leak doesn't bother me that much but i am wary of it. Its never leaked with the snow.

I use this car to commute to my work which is a 20 mile round trip and it handles this journey well every day. It really is a hushed cruiser, not a sports car. I also use in for my weekend commute which can be 140 miles of combined, mainly dual carriageway driving and it really swallows up the miles at 77mph (this at just over 2000 rpm).

When it comes to running costs, i find these to be very fair as TAX costs £68.75 for 6 months, a full tank of petrol in the current climate costs around £68 and i usually get 600 miles on a tank. I have only owned the car for a few months so i have found it fairly reliable apart from the back left window staying in the down position which was a fault which was cleared by a diagnostic machine. The MOT only required an adjustment of the right light bulb which was blinding oncoming vehicles and both ball joints (covered by my warranty)

I would recommend this car in diesel model as its a great looking car with a great engine and the glass roof provides panaramic views of the sky at night, with extremely hushed driving when the roof is down in the summer.

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reviewed by Suzanneh on 10 November 2010

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Road TaxE–J
MPG34.4–56.5 mpg
Real MPG93.6%

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