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Porsche Cayenne 2010

reviewed by TK 1980 on 16 August 2017
reviewed by DPMG on 4 August 2017
reviewed by DPMG on 6 September 2016

Diesel tiptronic S

reviewed by edwood9876 on 31 May 2012
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Extraordinary and reliable combination of anything you could possibly want, off road or on.

Bought after having a disco and big engined A6 estate this car has to do everything. It's the kind of car you could drive off into the sunset if the balloon goes up loaded with kit yet feels completely at home in Chelsea. It's been up to its axles in mud and water shooting with dogs and four people in and then driven back down motorways at 90 in complete comfort. It's a genuine off roader, if you don't believe me go and do the off road course ( and on track as its equally fun ) at Silverstone.
Serious do anything wagon, not cheap but as with much else in life you get what you pay for. Real life MPG is 30.03 which is not bad and when you plant your foot it goes quite fast enough. Luckily I have motorbikes to deal with speed addiction.
It's been 100% reliable and only niggles are that I chose light beige interior which reflects when sunny onto windscreen, but luckily sun never shines, and the act that no one let's you out nt traffic as they assume you're an a******e simply because you drive one.
It's had one recall for supposed loose headlamps and a host of software plates that were done at time of recall but Porsche collected the car and brought it back so hardly the end of the world.
My wife drives and doesn't find it the least intimidating even when driving through London's ridiculous width restrictors.

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reviewed by PETER838 on 7 December 2010

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Road TaxA–M
MPG23.7–88.3 mpg
Real MPG75.9%

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