Land Rover Defender 110 (2020 on)


Defender 110 X Dynamic D250

reviewed by Al Kelly on 21 July 2021
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A truly fantastic piece of design and engineering

My first JLR vehicle for many, many years. Like others I was put off by scary tales of poor reliability and products coming to market not fully tested. OK, it's only a month and 1250 miles but all my fears have been allayed by my experience with my beautiful new Defender 110. It is Amazing with a capital A. Well built, not a rattle, feels really solid and is beautifully designed both inside and out. Mine is a Diesel and the Ingenium engine is quiet (no Diesel rattle) and has tremendous pulling power. Full loads and steep hills are no problem at all. I love the long glass sunroof, air suspension and digital dash. Gearchanges are almost imperceptible. But for me most of all my new Defender feels like a real fun utility leisure vehicle. I love driving it. It's funkier than a Range Rover but still very comfortable. It's early days but well done and thank you JLR for making a car which brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. And I haven't been able to say that about any car for quite some time.

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