Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2017 on)


3.0D TDV6 300ps 300 Sport Auto 5dr

reviewed by MartyF on 1 September 2022
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An amazing vehicle, bought totally by chance.

I have always admired Jaguar cars but never dreamed of owning one, but I found myself buying one after being let down by my Ford dealer. Until January this year, I had always been a Mondeo estate person, right from 2005. After waiting 18 months for a Mondeo Vignale that was ultimately cancelled, I found myself test driving the Jaguar XF.
I've never been a fan of Mercedes or BMW, so the Jaguar seemed the natural choice.
And what a car! I knew I wanted it from the moment I started the engine. What a beautiful sound, and those rotating airvents, and rising gear selector, were a must-have!
Firstly, the build quality was far better than I anticipated, proving that the motoring press often get things wrong! The car is solid, and the dashboard absolutely stunning. Even my neighbour who drives a Merc A180, loved the leather dashboard!
The car is comfortable beyond belief, and the drive quality superb. Its incredibly quiet, and so smooth. Mine is fitted with 18-inch wheels and soaks up all but the deepest pothole bumps.
The V6 engine is a devil in disguise. It drives so smoothly, making rapid pace, but floor the throttle, and the power is awesome. I quite believe the 0 - 60 time of just over 6 seconds. Gear changes are smooth and inobtrusive.
The car has everything I could ever need, including electrically heated and adjustable seats, self park, 360 degree cameras, heated windscreen and steering wheel, header display, powered tailgate and LED lighting all round.
My only real niggle with the car is the stop-start feature which is quite jerky in its operation. I keep it permanently switched off, and to be honest I think the stop-start features on all cars are a waste of time.
I'm glad I made the change, and its all down to Ford! I would never have contemplated the purchase if my Mondeo had showed up. I am converted!
In summary I would say the Sportbrake is a fine touring car with plenty of refinement and space, and exceptional driving characteristics. Its a total joy.
During the first year, it has had a warranty issue however, with a faulty parking camera.
I average 52mpg on the motorway, which for a 3.0 engine, I find acceptable.

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reviewed by Anonymous on 29 May 2022
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Road TaxAlternative fuel, E–K
MPG36.2–54.3 mpg
Real MPG86.2%

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