Hyundai Tucson (2004 - 2009)


2.0 CRDi Premium (4WD) 5dr

reviewed by Julien Franc on 5 March 2021
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Best car ever

If you are looking for a car that can go everywhere without being too beefy on the road, a car that is very robust, extremely comfortable, burning little fuel for what it is, and spend very little money on it, I can only recommend this car. From muddy off-roads to the city centre, she is always on par even more than a decade later. Sure, she has not the most modern style, but if you value practicality over fancy looks, she is the way to go. From retractable glasses compartment, to hidden compartments, to big extending sun visors, to huge trunk space and completely folding rear seats (no uncomfortable steps when folded), to real full size spare tyre, to opening back window and electrically heated front and rear windscreens, she has got it all. With less than half a grand on her I also installed a big touch screen with GPS, front/rear cameras with an electronic interior rearview mirror and updated all internal and external lights with LEDs not leaving any modern comfort to be desired. From a driving point of view, with the 4WD system she is really stable in every condition, moves on snow and ice like a charm, and I never had a problem going off road, you just lock the differentials and you are good to go. She has a very wide angle steering system that allows you to manoeuvre the car easily in closed spaces despite the size. There you go, easily the best-value truck there is out there.

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Road TaxI–J
MPG35.3–40.9 mpg
Real MPG82.6%

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