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FIAT Multipla (2004 - 2010)


1.6 16v Dynamic Family People Carrier

reviewed by frazzled on 20 July 2012
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having owned three from new i can categorically say they are an absolute nightmare

we have owned 3 multiplas from new..
car number one. 2003 reg, approx 20k miles,was ok..
car two. 2005 facelift model about 10k miles, had it only 12 months. the back passenger door had to be replaced within a week....it was off the road and in the dealership 40+ days, so much wrong that fiat wrote a cheque with the premise that we go to a local fiat dealer again..BIG MISTAKE!
car three. 2006- 2012.. nightmare !!!!.the following list is work, failures and parts replaced up to about 40k mile mark. all bushings and trailer arms replaced several times. 2 different shocks in front from new one was for a diesel which is longer than the petrol model, [both had to be replaced ]...springs break regularly.... engine head gasket failure [fiat picked up the tab for that job]...engine not right since then running unevenly... boot lock failed.. engine warning lights.. heater fan failure.. outside temp display dissapearing.... burning smell.. uneven tyre wear/ short tyre life... hand brake cable replaced regularly... gear selector cable failure... door trim keeps falling off....cost so far approx €8,000 / £6,200... plus its off the road on a regular basis. fuel economy low to mid twenties if anyone would like to contact me.. norand@eircom.net.

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reviewed by Moriarty the Mundane on 10 February 2011

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Road TaxG–K
MPG32.8–45.6 mpg
Real MPG89.5%

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