Dacia Duster (2018 on)


1.6 SCe 115 Comfort 4x2 5dr

reviewed by Fergus Doncaster on 14 January 2020
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Rather dissappointing and poor dealer back up

This was my second duster the previous being the diesel version. I owned this version for 4 years of trouble free motoring and my only reason for exchanging it for the new version were signs of rusting on the inner wings and especially on the steel wheels.
Initial impression of the car was good although the fuel consumption and power of the petrol version was disappointing however I thought this would improve with some miles on the clock.
This however was not to be and I never manage to achieve over 35mpg even on long motorway runs and the burden of constant down changing on the slightest incline and when carrying loads or passengers become tiresome.
There were a number of annoying issues with the car that the dealer was unable to rectify.
Firstly the rear wiper would come on when engaging reverse gear even when the front wipers had not been operated and then continued to operate intermittently for about 5 to 10 minutes. Switching the ignition off, then re-starting would solve the problem till the next time.
The next issue was the headlights that had a mind of their own coming on with the slightest change in the outside light level and staying on till the car was switched off.
Then after approximately two months old the car just died when on main road and would not re-start. The RAC re-set the engine management system and that seemed to solve the problem till a few months later when the car went into limp mode restricting the engine revs to 1000. As I was only a few miles from home I managed to struggle home.
I contacted Dacia Assist who arranged for the RAC to investigate the problem. The RAC technician was excellent and showed me the results of his diagnostic check indicating more than 20 faults which would require the car to uplifted and taken back to the dealer.
It took the dealer 2 days before contacting me and at which point they informed me that before any work would commence that there would be an initial charge of £90.00 refundable if I had not caused the problem.
At this time the car was only months old with less than 3000 miles on the clock.
The outcome was that dealer could not find any faults and they had re-set the management system and on this occasion there would be no charge,
I must state there are a number of good points with the duster.
The rear camera is excellent especially when hitching a small trailer.
Luggage a passenger space is excellent.
Value for money I don't think there is another vehicle of this type that come close.

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Road TaxB–G
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