Audi A6 Allroad (2006 - 2012)

reviewed by Neil Jephcote on 20 July 2018
reviewed by Davidwb52 on 13 December 2017

3.0 TDI quattro tiptronic 5dr Auto Estate

reviewed by JJA6 on 3 April 2013
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Solid German Barge with minor irritations

First the bad bits:
I am led to believe that the high level LED brake lamp fails after approx. 5 years (just changed on my 2008 plate car with 40k miles). Requires boot trim removal - a 15 min job at a good garage, but a 50 quid parts bill.
Xenons apparently fail around the 5 year mark too. Approx. 160 quid (just discussed with an A5 driver who suffered exactly this).
Roof lining comes down towards windscreen as opposed to windscreen going up to roof - which feels a tad claustrophobic in non sunroof cars.
Very small glasses stowage for only 1 pair in roof (on continent, certain countries insist on a spare pair being kept in the car).
No central stowage cubby, only an armrest that takes up more space than it provides.
Cup holders awkwardly placed - One under armrest and one too far back - would have preferred dash mounted cup holders.
Lacking a decent "dustbin" ashtray up front, which is odd for a family barge.
One sits very low and close to the floor compared to other 4WDs such as Subarus.
Lack of under seat stowage.
Flicking the Xenon beams for continental driving, apparently requires an expensive trip to the garage.
Boot lacks height of competition such as Subaru. Raked rear screen reduces usable volume.
Not much of a front bumper - mostly grille.
Decent hybrid tyres that are good in snow are going to be difficult. I am led to believe the Pirellis are not as good as some of the competition.
Standard seats are very wide - not the body huggers i'm used too.
Rear visibility not as good as some of the rivals.
I'm not a fan of the MMI with a plethora of transmission tunnel mounted buttons.

Very solid, quality drive.
Bags of rear space - Perfect for rear facing child seats and leaving enough space for front seat passengers.
Particularly like the 4x air vents in the rear (door pillar and trans. tunnel).
Lots of sound wadding and a dual boot floor in the back.
Very smooth silent torquey motorway cruiser.

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reviewed by usap on 31 August 2010

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Road TaxJ–K
MPG29.1–39.2 mpg
Real MPG91.7%

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