Alfa Romeo Giulia (2016 on)


2.9 BiTurbo V6 510 Quadrifoglio Auto 4dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 22 February 2020
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Bought with 60 miles on the clock at a good discount on list. In Alfa Competizone Red- the car looks and drivers beautifully.
id tried the Veloce before buying the QF and its chalk and cheese- if you can afford a QF its the one to go for.

With all that power on tap (510 bhp through the rear wheels) it has an extraordinary range of driving styles- but in all of those an immediate access to the full power range is available on tap as conditions deserve.

Sounds wonderful in Dynamic and Racing mode.
It becomes a bit of a hooligan in racing and can catch you out easily as all driver aids are switched off.

I LOVE IT- Its individual- still quite rare, well engineered and a thing of beauty from every angle you look at it

Only niggles are
With the standard wheel sizes you do get a rippling noise and vibration at low speed when the tyres are cold- which can be a bit disconcerting - even after a years ownership.
Washer reserve seems to be tiny

Fuel economy isn't a strong point= moreover as much of my use is city / urban averaged 20mpg in the year- yikes!
But you dont buy a 3lt twin turbo 510 bhp car for economy.
Issues in the year buckled a wheel on hitting a pot hole, 750£ for new wheel and tyre.
Turbo gate valve replaced under warranty as it was sticking- I suspect due to urban driving.
Car deffinetly needs to be woken gently in the morning- let the oils and fluids warm up before you open it up.

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Road TaxB–K
MPG30.7–67.3 mpg
Real MPG73.3%

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