Our Cars: Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 150 DSG

18 June 2018: Six is a crowd

The Details

Current mileage 3452
Claimed economy 47.9mpg
Actual economy 41.8mpg

You may know that we’ve already had a Tiguan here at HJ, and very recently too. For those averse to clicking hypertext (or who just want to stay here), it was a very different proposition, spec wise: five seats, R Line trim, petrol.

The main question we’ll answer over the next few months is whether the Allspace version here – the seven-seat one, that is - is really worth the extra outlay. But of course, there are also a few other comparisons we can make: petrol or diesel, and is R-Line really worth it?

For now though, we’ve already had our first instance of the Allspace thing being useful. It went as follows…

So we’re doing a trip to the theatre for the boy’s 11th birthday (because we’re, like, totally cultured and that) and we’re due to pick up grandma. That would make five of us in the car. But when we get there, turns out granddad isn’t at work after all and he’s coming too. There’s been a mix-up. Classic.

Just as our Nicola begins to declare that we’ll have to go in two cars, the realisation that our Tiguan will, in fact, accommodate seven dawns on her. Booya.

Tiguan _Allspace _SE_Nav _63 (1)

                                                      Said rearmost seats. Excite. 

Getting the seats...erm…there’s probably a better word than ‘erected’ but that’s what I’m going to go with…was easy. No problems there. Plus, kids always love sitting in the rearmost seats of a car – it’s the ‘back of the bus’ rule. So, grandma and granddad took the middle row. Everyone had enough space. Problem solved. And all it took was a couple of tugs on some little fabric hooks. 

It was a textbook example of so-called ‘occasional seats’ getting occasional use and working brilliantly. However…

The parcel shelf. There was nowhere to put the parcel shelf, it seemed. We had stuff in the boot, see, and so what miniscule space was left after the rearmost seats were erected was immediately filled by that stuff and the parcel shelf wouldn’t fit. And the kids were getting bored. And the grandparents were stood on the street.

So we did what anyone would do: basically throw the parcel shelf into my in-laws’ garden. Where it stayed until being moved into the garage after our night out. Where it will stay until we remember to get it back.

A few days later I remembered this whole episode and had a look for a parcel shelf deployment space. And there is one. Of course there is. It’s under the little boot floor and above the spare wheel. Clever. So now I know. And so do you. Honestly, those Volkswagen people - it's as though they know what they're doing. 

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18 June 2018: Six is a crowd
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