Our Cars: Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 150 DSG

10 September 2018: Remembering what we love about Big Volkswagen(s)

The Details

Current mileage 4,987
Claimed economy 47.9mpg
Actual economy 41.5mpg

I used to work at Big VAG Towers in Milton Keynes. I was a press officer for SEAT - Senior Press Officer, no less. (Although I later realised the title simply made me 'Mr Press Officer' in Spanish, rather than having any actual autonomy.) 

Anyways, it means I still have some friends who work in Big VAG Towers.* It was through those friends that I found out about this story: 

Anti-pollution activists stage protest at Volkswagen's UK headquarters

Yep, my friends had been prevented from entering the VAG by some anti-diesel protesters.  

Volkwagen is, of course, getting it in the filler neck about diesel at the moment - and justifiably so - but that's making it easy to forget just how effing brilliant the whole company is at churning out cars. To clarify, my view is that the diesel cover up is an absolute scandal, and inexcusable on every level, albeit the politically motivated boundaries imposed on carmakers is almost certainly contributing to the whole emissions farce. Now's not the place to get into this... like you, I think it's bad. 

But whatever level of corporate malevolence you ascribe to Volkswagen, its contribution to just making really good cars, of all shapes, sizes and price points, is almost beyond argument. The Tiguan here is one such example - a car that sits somewhere around the middle of the vast VAG expanse of greatness beween the Skoda Citigo and the Bugatti Chiron. 


DSG-diesel combo not my favourite thing. Nor cleaning my car.  

The problem I've had running this Tiguan is that it's just such a plainly competent big Volkswagan that I struggle to find interesing things to say about it. You may have noticed this. Its remarkableness is partly the result of its being unremarkable. It's spacious, well built, well equipped, refined, practical, flexible... a whole heap of good adjectives. 

But that just makes it proper boring. Honestly, the only real complaints I have with it are its sluggish low speed throttle response (an increasinlgy common characteristic of Volkswagen Group DSG-type gearboxes across all the brands), a little too much noise from the diesel, and a parcel shelf that's fiddly to put back. I know, right. Oh, and I'd like to get much more than 40mpg out of it. Volkswagen diesel, eh? *tut tut*

Do I recommend it from a cold journalistic perspective? Absolutely yes. Would I tell my mates to buy one? Nope. I'd tell them to buy a Peugeot 3008. Apart from my mates who work at Volkswagen... actually, no, especially my mates from Volkswagen. 

*DISCLAIMER: I may have friends who work at VWG, but that doesn't stop me from criticising VWG products like I would any other.  

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