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4 September 2018: Cracking times for the Volkswagen e-Golf

The Details

Current mileage 2891 miles
Claimed range 124 miles
Actual range 162 miles

Keen to experience electric motoring, HonestJohn.co.uk editorial director Dan Harrison borrowed my e-Golf for a few days recently and it came back with a chipped windscreen. A road on his commute was being resurfaced and a car travelling too fast in the opposite direction flicked a stone up at the Golf's windscreen.

All too aware of how quickly a chip can turn into a crack, I was straight onto the phone to get the chip repaired. A man in a van appeared a day later, telling me that a new windscreen would be required because the chip was in the driver's eyeline.

But there was a problem - he'd brought what he thought was a suitable windscreen with him, but it wasn't in fact the right one.

At that point, thoughts about how the e-Golf must require a different windscreen to a petrol or diesel Golf rushed into my mind. Perhaps it's a special, lightweight windscreen designed to be more efficient? Or perhaps it's more pedestrian-friendly for those occasions when other road users don't hear the Golf approaching?


A shiny new heated windscreen - the right one this time

But that's not the case - it's the same windscreen as any other Golf. Except it's heated, and the man had brought an unheated one.

A day later he returned and the windscreen was replaced within the hour. It was all very easy.

Cracked windscreen aside, Dan came back full of enthusiasm for the Golf, praising its refinement and how relaxing it is to drive. He could comfortably drive home and back to work on a Golf, plugging it in for a charge at the office using our trusted 'lead through the window' technique.

Which reminds me, I really ought to look at having a proper charger installed...

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